Good Old Age Home in kolkata

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Retirement home in kolkata

Established in 2013, South Kolkata Shibasram Seva Trust offers retirement living in Kolkata for seniors. Their assisted living community provides a comfortable and secure environment with a focus on resident well-being. Daily activities and healthy meals promote physical and mental stimulation.

Shibasram Good Old Age Home in kolkata with a variety of exclusive facilities for senior living.

Assisted Living Care

Basic thinking, work assistance, medical examinations, meal management, family communication, and recreation are supported by it. It ensures elderly people's lives have freedom, belonging, and happiness through this service.

Resident Care

We have come up with residential facilities for so many people who have to depend on someone else, so that they don't have to depend on someone else and can get cared for, just like their own home.

Pharmacy Support

The human body is affected by various diseases as the age increases, requiring the best care and treatment. Providing them with the necessary medication is important.

Post-operative nursing care

Patient examination, administration of medication, communication regarding rehabilitation, guidance with resuscitation, administration of nutritious food, cleaning, and provision of precautionary measures constitute post-operative nursing care.

Chronic Condition Care

Chronic diseases such as asthma, arthritis, heart disease, and cancer are referred to. They last for at least six months and can cause a person's death. Our old age home has a special arrangement to care for these special patients.

Palliative Care

Terminally ill patients receive help and support while waiting to die through palliative care. Palliative care offers humanitarian and physical administration, pain relief, hospital and family liaison, and complete support and assistance to people at the end of life.

Geriatric Care

A specialized geriatric care service that improves the health, well-being and quality of life of the elderly is geriatric care. It provides services related to treatment, nutrition, skilled care, physical.

Alzheimer care

A specially managed workplace provides services and support to people with Alzheimer's, offering attention, time recognition, a favorable environment organized by the organization.

Dementia Care

Dementia care is a specially managed workplace that provides services and support for people with dementia. It organizes memory planning, timing, care, nutrition and environment through a skilled team of psychologists.

Paralytic Patient Care

While caring for a paralytic person one should always remember to keep the patient's skin dry and clean. If a paralytic patient is prone to ulcers, these rules must be followed .

Parkinson Care

Although Parkinson's disease is a brain disease for which we can see various problems in our body such as Shaking and not being able to balance your body .

24/7 Special Services

Our old age home in kolkata provides expert services to all senior citizens, in our old age home you will get 24 hours service which we provide to all old people.

Why does Shibasram senior citizen retirement home ?

Our shibashram old age home main aim is to provide a beautiful environment to all the elderly people and provide them with the best care. We believe that every elderly person has the freedom to enjoy their life and we strive to help every elderly person to enjoy their life with good laugh and play. In our old age home we provide healthy and tasty food to every people and also we have some special measures to keep their mind healthy and happy like Meditation , Vajan etc . We always want an elderly person to enjoy the comfort of his own home in our old age home in kolkata & senior citizen retirement homes

 Finding good old age homes in Kolkata is challenging. They should be reliable, empathetic, and affordable. Shibasram stands out as Kolkata’s best old age home for several reasons: –

Safe and Secure Environment:

Shibasram ensures elderly residents live in a safe, sanitary, and secure environment, with caregivers available 24/7 to ensure their well-being and safety.

Regular Hair and Wellness Care:

We provide routine hair and wellness care to maintain good hygiene and overall health through scheduled checkups

Housekeeping Assistance:

Our staff helps with cleaning, tidying, and vacuuming to ensure a clean and comfortable living environment for the elderly.

Aid with Dressing and Exercise:

We assist with dressing and encourage participation in exercise routines to promote mobility and well-being

Toilet Assistance:

For bedridden elderly, we offer additional help with toileting needs, maintaining their dignity and hygiene

Meal Support:

For bedridden elders, we provide feeding facilities to ensure they receive proper nutrition and hydration.

Social Engagement:

We make an effort to provide companionship and social interaction to improve emotional health and reduce loneliness.

Help with Daily Tasks:

Our staff supports various daily tasks as needed, ensuring elders’ needs are met efficiently.

Medical Services:

We arrange routine medical examinations, administer medications, and track them to address the health needs of the elderly.

Specialized Care:

We provide specialized care for conditions like dementia and coma, tailored to meet the unique needs of each resident.

24X7 Staffing, nursing, medical care

Shibasram Good old age home in kolkata.

Here are some facilities that you may find in an Good old age home in kolkata:


Good Old age home in kolkata

best old age home in kolkata
good old age home in kolkata
good old age home
good old age home in kolkata

Good Old age home in kolkata

Shibasram is one of the leading living communities in Kolkata. More excellent facilities are offered by Shibasram compared to any other institution. We are renowned for providing the best aged care facilities in Kolkata for the physically challenged.

Our mission is to significantly improve the quality of life of senior citizens who are placed in their care. Our facilities provide humane care that encourages independence, spiritual and emotional support, physical access, comfort and dignity for our team. Apart from that, Shibasram is home to people who respect their independence but need help with some daily activities. We offer large accommodation in Kolkata.

Best Old age home Aim :

Our main aim is to provide comfortable permanent or temporary accommodation to the elderly men and women of Ahivasaram.

Additionally, our team fully supports each resident by engaging them in light activities. Our range of activities will keep their minds active, balanced and stimulated. For this reason, Shibasram is one of the leading senior living facilities in Kolkata.

Old Age Home for bedridden :

Shibasram provides excellent health and sanitation facilities to bedridden older adults in a comfortable, homely environment. We are among the leading providers of inpatient services in Kolkata because of your trust

Our Environment :

The life expectancy of seniors in old age homes in Kolkata that we offer is steadily increasing. Safe neighborhoods are not guaranteed in many cities. We looked at several senior housing options that would be a good choice for their lifestyle. 

According to Kolkata’s Old Age Home Elderly People, the Indian joint family system is deteriorating. The phenomenon of the adult home, which is influenced by the West, has arisen due to differences in our various aspects. These seniors are about to be hit by life’s staggering costs and meager investment returns.