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About us

Shibasram is a luxury Old age home in Kolkata, and one of the finest modern shelters for elderly people in Kolkata now. With modern comfortable rooms and food, Shibasram old age home provides some beautiful facilities for Senior citizen, which helps them to lead a better lifestyle at a reasonable cost. In our service career, we attempt to provide the best domestic facilities for our elderly guests.

For their homely feelings, we arrange cultural events, and spiritual events regularly. We also take special care of their physical and mental problems with the help of a good doctor. We arrange group tours once every year for their physical and mental fitness. Not only money, we always pray to the creator for their better health and wish to get the blessing of them as guardians.


With Luxurious assisted living facilities we provide some unique facilities.

assisted facility
24/7 assisted facility

24/7 Common attendants are available for the assisted facility.

medical checkups
Regular medical checkups

Regular medical checkups and counseling by specialist doctors

Alzheimer Patients
Special Department

We have a Special Department for Dementia and Alzheimer's Patients

Modern Accommodation
Modern Accommodation

With a luxurious assisted living facility for senior citizens, we have comfortable rooms attached to all modern facilities.

Hygienic food
Hygienic Food

We serve hygienic foods as per the physician's opinion.

Homely Environment
Homely Environment

For their homely feelings, we arrange cultural events, and spiritual events regularly.

Our Special Department for Alzheimer's and Dementia Patients

Shibasram Old Age Home is a luxurious assisted living facility for senior citizens in Kolkata. We have a special department for Alzheimer's and Dementia patients . All-time Specialist doctors (For Medical Emergencies), 24-hour nurses, 24-hour individual maids, Regular prescribed diet and meny more..

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Blog Post

Old age homes

Difference between Old age homes and Nursing Homes

People often confuse Old age homes with nursing homes due to their characteristic similarities. Because It is difficult tocompare old age homes and nursing homes, as each of them has its own features and benefits that can confuse due to their similarities. However, I think this article will help to decide the best suited for your loved one.

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Premium Old Age Home

Reasons To Book Premium Old Age Home

Old age can be a critical phase, where you require special attention and care. Whether due to a medical condition or a desire for a lifestyle change. You may be able to reach your dream lifecycle at a reasonable cost. With a combination of good accommodation, food, and the best hospitality, Shibasrom – Old age home in Kolkata is a dream place for the elderly.

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