Facilities of old age home


Facilities of old age home

Facilities of old age home in Kolkata have some notable operational and facilities. The following have merited commendation for their conduct and services in relation to Bengali literature, culture and community in Kolkata.

Facilities of old age home

Adequately spacious habitable rooms are provided with a sleeping arrangement. Rebirth can be joyful and help preserve self-love and privacy.

Medical services, like doctor, community of nurses, regular health checkups are provided. Availability of emergency medical services is essential.

Trust our trained staff. They will help you solve the problems of daily life. Each resident will have assistance from our staff available for health care, travel and meals.

We have taken special measures so that you can maintain your own independence and emotional well-being. You can do whatever you want at your own time.

Nutritious food: Residents in old age homes are seen to be getting healthy and nutritious food. The service provider gets to know the community and takes care of vegetables, meat, fish and fruits as needed on a daily basis.

Care is taken about your health and care at the old age home. Here you get daily medical check-up, medication, medical care and urgent health advice.

 Old age homes have proper facilities for regular exercise, yoga and other physical activities. Generally, you are encouraged to lead a healthy life in an old age home.

Old Age Homes have some special facilities for the care of bedridden patients. The following steps are taken:

1. Special Nursing Services: Trained nurses are available to provide day-to-day nursing services to bedridden patients. They take care of bedridden patients by providing appropriate help and support.

2. Support for day-to-day essential tasks: Assistance is provided in old age homes to facilitate the daily essential tasks of bedridden patients. This is accomplished by facilitating small tasks such as serving food, bathing, grooming, dishes.

3. Emotional Support: People providing emotional support to bedridden patients

At Old Age Home we provide the facility of regular medical examination and consultation through trusted and expert doctors. We provide competent medical services in the following ways:

1. Medical Examination: Experienced and expert doctors are appointed for daily medical examination. These tests usually include blood tests, health statistics, monitoring of various medications, and diagnosis of untreatable problems.

2. Doctor’s Consultation: Psychological support and advice for various problems is provided through the consultation of expert doctors. Bedridden through these doctors

The Old Age Home provides direct ambulance services for you if needed .Facilities of old age home  We have arrangements in place so that you get ambulance services in any emergency. Ambulance service includes the following features:

1. Expert Drivers: We employ expert and skilled drivers for your safety and security. They will urgently take you to your destination for your safety in time.

2. Advanced Equipment: Our ambulances are equipped with advanced equipment and necessary medical equipment. It is the necessary sum with full range to provide improved support in healthcare

At Old Age Home we provide full day boarding facilities, so you can live in a safe and stable environment for most of the day. This boarding facility has the following features:

1. Residential Environment: We provide you with permanent residential facilities, so that you can live in a safe and pleasant environment. This residential environment will help introduce you with guaranteed protection throughout the day.

2. Nutritious Meals: We provide nutritious meals facility. Our meals are prepared with the help of expert culinary team and nutritious ingredients, which provide wholesomeness and wholesomeness. As you need

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