Old age home in kolkata

Good Old age home in kolkata

For our residents—who may be elderly people without family members to care for them in their homes or disabled children or adults—we offer food, shelter, and medical attention. In addition to being encouraged to participate in constructive activities like cooking, celebrating holidays, receiving vocational training, and enrolling in specialized courses, residents live in a family-oriented community.

Good old age home in Kolkata with best rank.

Regardless of the state in which their seniors may be, we provide caregivers with peace of mind. Our ultimate goal for our residents is still to provide a culture that is safe, secure, and focused on providing services.

Good old age home in Kolkata with best rank.

Our staff of diligent, genuine, and compassionate caretakers, nurses, physicians, therapists, housekeepers, landlords, and vendors is the reason for our success. Please come see us and speak with us; I’m confident you’ll discover us to be the best senior citizen care facility in Kolkata for your loved ones.

The most affected and least concerned segment of society these days.

A group of young people who wanted to help the elderly members of society formed the Old Age Home. Old Age Home is a devoted old age home in Lucknow for senior citizens who want to live quiet, socially and physically active lives. The residents of the facility are provided with comprehensive care and nursing services.

Good old age home in Kolkata with best rank.

Providing comprehensive, high-quality care and guaranteeing that older residents live in a safe, compassionate and welcoming environment while maintaining their dignity and respect.

To serve as a canter for the beneficial use of life experiences and knowledge of older adults to make more significant contributions to society and residents alike.

Creating a social institution where people can acquire “much needed values ​​of a healthy and peaceful society” from senior people while interacting and caring for them.

Alleviating social isolation by providing activities, recreational facilities, emotional support, therapeutic employment and companionship. To bring back the excellent quality of life that they have cherished and to provide independence to senior citizens in their daily lives. Good old age home in Kolkata with best rank.

Our Specialized Facility

  • A single point of contact for senior care and rehabilitation
  • Reasonably priced with no upfront payment required.
  • 24 x 7 Nurse, skilled and compassionate personnel
  • Frequent medical check-ups Timely, clean, and high-quality food
  • elevated standards for hygiene and cleanliness
  • TVs and other entertainment venues
  • A calm and cosy setting with round-the-clock CCTV surveillance
  • Personal hygiene and tending

Senior Citizen Caring

Providing senior folks with care is essential to maintain their health and quality of life as they age. It entails taking care of their mental, emotional, social, and physical needs. When it comes to senior citizen care, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Medical treatment;
  • Safety in the body;
  • Diet; • Social interaction;
  • Emotional support;
  • Exercise and Mobility;
  • Help with Daily Activities

Retirement Home

A retirement home, sometimes referred to as an independent living facility or senior living community, is a type of residential community created especially for elderly people who wish to simplify and reduce their lives but are still able to live freely in most cases. To improve the quality of life for their inhabitants, retirement communities provide a range of facilities, services, and social events. Retirement houses include the following important characteristics and things to think about:

Independent Living; Facilities; Social Activities; Upkeep and Services; Safety and Security; Sense of Community; Shift to Higher Levels of Care; Expenses; Location and Accessibility; Visit and Research

Dementia Care

Giving people with dementia, a gradual and frequently crippling cognitive illness that impairs memory, reasoning, behavior, and the capacity to carry out daily tasks, specific support and assistance is known as dementia care. Improving the quality of life for dementia patients and their carers is the goal of dementia care. In terms of dementia care, the following are important factors to take into account:
The following topics are important: early diagnosis and treatment;

safety and the environment; communication skills; daily routine and structure; engagement and activities; nutrition and hydration; and medication management.

Alzheimer’s Care

 The most prevalent type of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by increasing cognitive decline, memory loss, and behavioral and mental abnormalities. Given the particular difficulties presented by Alzheimer’s, providing care for those who have the condition calls for an all-encompassing and customized strategy.

For Alzheimer’s care, keep the following points in mind: Prompt diagnosis and preparation.

The aforementioned factors include a secure atmosphere, regularity and order, dialogue, involvement and events, hydration and nourishment, and medication administration.
Behavioral Management

Parkinson’s Care

Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative neurological condition that impairs balance, coordination, and mobility. Parkinson’s patients need specialist care that takes into account both the psychological and physical aspects of the illness. For Parkinson’s care, keep the following points in mind:

Mobility and exercise; nutrition and hydration; fall prevention; communication; assistive technology; caregiver support; medication management; routine and structure; and sleep management

Post-Operative Care

The term “post-operative care,” sometimes referred to as “post-surgical care,” describes the assistance and attention given to patients following a surgical treatment. In order to guarantee a seamless recuperation, reduce problems, and enhance overall healing, proper post-operative care is crucial. Key elements of post-operative care include the following:
The aforementioned services include medical monitoring,

Pain management, wound care, mobility and activity, nutrition and hydration, medication management, and monitoring for complications.

Assisted Living for Elders

Assisted living is a category of senior living that offers accommodation, support services, and help with everyday tasks to elderly individuals who choose to keep their independence but need some assistance. The goal of assisted living facilities is to give their inhabitants the care they require in a secure and welcoming setting, all while enabling them to lead busy and sociable lives. Here are some essential elements and things to think about when choosing senior assisted living:

Private living areas, 24-hour staff availability, supportive services, personalized care plans, meals and nutrition, social and recreational activities, medication management, housekeeping and maintenance, transportation services, medical services, autonomy and independence, transition of care, and family involvement are just a few of the benefits offered.

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