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About Us

We are Shibasram Old Age Home, an organized and professionally run Old Age Home. Our aim is to provide safe and happy accommodation for the elderly. We manage an expert team comprising of staff with ample experience with love and compassion for the elderly.


We have created a home-like environment for the elderly where they can feel healthy, safe and happy. We have made every effort to ensure a safe and convenient environment. Our home has a healthy, safe and clean bathroom, shower room, small garden and fully serviced kitchen with bards.


The mission of our Old Age Home is to provide support and assistance to the elderly at the end of their lives. We try to help them stay entertained and happy without being lonely. We create a family-like environment where seniors can interact and establish friendships with each other. We strive to ensure their full satisfaction and happiness through their social, emotional and mental needs. Our mission is to make a special contribution to the lives of the elderly by providing them with complete communication and support.

Mrs. Jayitri Das ,
Social worker
Why Choose Us

No two days are the same here

No two days are the same here. No two days are the same at the Old Age Home for the elderly. New and joyful events happen every day.

We operate differently based on seniors’ full lives and individual needs. By considering pleasant activities in the daily routine of the elderly, opportunities for a happy life are created. We conduct programs differently in collaboration with social organizations, so as to meet the individual needs and interests of the elderly.

For them, recreational activities, art and literary storytelling, art and craft clubs, health exercises, mouth care and dance, melodious music and song collection, group activities for communication and support.

Old age Homes kolkata
Great Staff

Our Carers

Our carers love what they do, and that's what makes them so special.

Every caregiver in our old age home supports their work and helps every elderly person to move forward independently.

We have heard that people become like children when they get old, so it takes a kind heart and a compassionate person to care for the elderly.And every caregiver in our old age home is just that person, so every time you meet them, you feel better knowing that they will love your loved one as if they were their own.

Caregivers of our old age home don’t work for money they love every elderly person like their own grandparents, they share their sorrows with them, they tell them stories and give them courage to enjoy their life .

Every elderly person wants to have someone by their side who will sympathize with them, who will understand their heart and when they find this person, happiness will come into their life and they will not feel lonely anymore, so every elderly person needs a person in their life who will help them. our staffs love them in the same way and make their mind filled with happiness.

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Old age Homes in kolkata

Old age Homes In kolkata

A old age home is a place where older people can live comfortably and freely . As people age, they become unable to take care of themselves, so old age home have people to take care of them and enable them to live the rest of their lives freely and happily and safely.

There are several retirement homes in Kolkata to provide accommodation for expatriate employees. These retirement homes are located in a beautiful city in West Bengal.

Most of them are modern and offer convenient facilities. Here secure and happy residences are created for the elderly. Retirement homes typically provide opportunities for independence, first aid, functional workplaces, outdoor friendships, and recreational activities.

These homes have a collection of various group activities, clubs, workplaces, weekly programs for communication and support to improve social relations.To conduct health and well-being activities of the elderly

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