Shibasram Best Old age home In kolkata


1.  Good Shelter with homely ambience
2. Fooding and lodging.
3. Special Department for Dementia and Alzheimer Patients
4. Special care for parkinsons patient
5. Physical excercise and pranayam.
6. Regular medical checkups and counseling by reputed and specialist doctors.
7. Regular bhajan and meditation session. 

8. A Good library with all types of books.
9. Special facility for couple ( husband- wife, brother –sister)
10. Special facility for bed ridden patients
Day boarding facility.
11. Excursion for boarder’s yearly one
12. 24×7 hours ambulance services.

Best Old age home in kolkata

Best Old age home in kolkata

Shibasram, an Best old age home in Kolkata, provides elderly care, comfortable housing, healthy food, and other facilities, ranging from rescue operations to offering second homes. It stands as one of the best retirement communities, guaranteeing lifetime care for every resident, which includes access to food, personal assistance (when needed), round-the-clock security, maintenance, housekeeping, linen service, wellness, and entertainment.

Designed specifically for the elderly who need help with household chores and various medical services, including regular check-ups, physiotherapy, and nursing, Shibasram recommends a move to assisted living for those whose medical conditions are expected to deteriorate.

At Shibasram, active seniors can focus on what truly matters, resume old hobbies, rekindle relationships with peers, and enjoy a well-earned, active retirement life. The facility employs a team of professional caregivers ready to assist with any need, big or small, ensuring personalized attention.

Shivasaram provides an opportunity to start a new chapter in life, free from maintenance worries, deteriorating mobility, and the lack of social support by offering a wide range of customized services and facilities.

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In terms of healthcare, Shibasram prioritizes the health of residents above all, ensuring safety and security with regular check-ups and appropriate medication, understanding the increased susceptibility to various illnesses and disorders that comes with aging.


The food at Shibasram, prepared by a skilled culinary crew, offers residents a taste of home, emphasizing the importance of home-cooked meals and the love and attention that goes into preparing them.


Recognizing the heightened risk of infections among older adults, Shibasram, Best Old age home in kolkata ensures spotless accommodations with housekeeping services that maintain cleanliness in rooms and communal areas using the right products.

Activities and Recreation:

For activities and recreation, the senior living facilities guarantee a joyful experience with a variety of indoor games, group activities hosted by hospitality specialists, gardening workshops, musical sessions with instruments and karaoke, fostering an environment full of laughter and enjoyment.


Safety and laughter are paramount, with a multitude of activities designed to ensure residents are always enjoying their time, emphasizing the belief that laughter is indeed the best medicine.


Choosing Shibasram means opting for care provided by registered nurses, professional caregivers qualified for both in-hospital and in-home care, ideal for seniors recovering from major surgery or serious medical conditions.

Shibasram boasts five-star senior living communities in India, complete with housekeeping services and well-furnished, air-conditioned rooms for single or double occupancy, ensuring a comfortable stay.

The medical staff at Shibasram, including knowledgeable nurses, physiotherapists, dieticians, and other medical professionals, are dedicated to providing the best possible care, engaging residents in recreational activities like yoga, meditation, visiting temples, and playing games to keep them active and healthy. 

As a comprehensive platform for geriatric healthcare, Shibasram’s mission is to enhance the mental well-being and quality of life of the elderly, offering rich accommodation in fully air-conditioned, fully furnished five-star rooms, ensuring physical and mental well-being in a family-like environment that fosters emotional connections.