Describe the food in senior living


They may turn to fast food and simple, unhealthy meals that can be prepared quickly when meal preparation becomes too taxing. Seniors who follow a poor diet can experience serious health effects. This can lead to starvation as well as many other problems, such as: Depression

Best Practices for Food Services in Senior Care Facilities

Diet is the factor that has the greatest impact on the quality of life of seniors living in assisted living facilities. Long-term care facilities now offer a wide range of food options. A key component of the cultural change campaign is resident-centered food service.

Describe the food in senior living

Use flowers and play some music to create a relaxing atmosphere. Food should be fresh, vibrant and tasty because the look affects how they feel about it and how much they enjoy it. It should have vibrant garnishes and a beautiful presentation on the plate. Kitchen staff are permitted to wear traditional kitchen attire such as black pants, double-breasted coats and chef’s hats. Maybe as staff members collect orders, residents can choose from a set menu at each table. Describe the food in senior living 

Consuming the right amount of appropriate food is necessary to maintain senior health. A suitable senior diet includes:

1. Whole grain cereals, crackers, rice, pasta and bread
2. Vegetables and fruits
3. Low or fat dairy products but with vitamin D
4. Fats that are mono- and polyunsaturated.
5. Protein, which includes meat and poultry as well as fish, beans and peas.
6. Taste the variety of food at Ventana’s luxury high-rise community for seniors

Payal Das is the executive chef at Ventana in Dallas. He has worked as a chef at five locations for over 30 years. With six dining options, she creatively prepares healthy and nutritious meals for our assisted living facilities.

Here are some examples of senior living meals served in the opulent, high-rise community of Shibasram in Kolkata:

Cafe kolkata

Seniors don’t have to leave the community to take advantage of a unique cafe experience. In a cozy bistro setting, they serve filling salads, hearty sandwiches and warm soups.

Describe the food in senior living

Sea Foods

Seniors can dine in Kolkata and enjoy big, bold flavors and nutritious meals. This semi-formal dining experience for senior citizens has a traditional Sunday brunch menu.

The Landing

Shibasram Old age home in kolkata has a quaint coffee shop called The Landing. Seven days a week, they serve a free continental breakfast. At breakfast and dinner, seniors can take advantage of a full-service coffee bar experience featuring a variety of blends.


For seniors in the mood for Texas cuisine, The Fish serves up excellent meals. Located in Kolkata, this restaurant offers sophisticated New Town cuisine in a chic, small formal dining room

Rooftop area

The rooftop deck is the place to go if you want a relaxing dining experience while enjoying amazing views of the downtown area. Twelve floors up, seniors can dine on small plates in a relaxed atmosphere while sipping on handcrafted cocktails and feasting on delectable appetizers.

The Reserve

Seniors can rent this room for special occasions and celebrations with family and friends, and a tailored menu for a more private and intimate dining experience. In addition to the catered senior living option, residents can select a floor plan featuring a state-of-the-art kitchen for independent cooking. Describe the food in senior living 

Join Shivaram for a luxurious senior living culinary experience by giving him a call today.

In our senior living, high-rise building, Shibasram is a full-service, thriving senior living community that offers healthy and nutritious meals. We offer six different culinary selections and meals that take into account medical and dietary needs, in addition to a variety of other senior living options. Make an appointment to tour your future home and experience luxurious senior living in the upscale community of Ventana in Kolkata.

Describe the food in senior living

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