luxury retirement homes in kolkata for senior citizens

Celebrate your post retirement life in extravagance and consolation within the climate of a resort, getting a charge out of most advanced comforts with a mix of the prized antiquated Indian shrewdness and culture at reasonable rates at Mathews Domestic. We lookout of your physical, mental and otherworldly well-being with the assistance of experts and different amusement exercises like in-door and open air diversions, Ayurvedic spa counting steam shower with advisor, restorative care, reflection, geriatric exercise center, nutricious nourishment arranged by master cooks in our present day kitchen, customized care etc.

luxury retirement homes in kolkata for senior citizens

luxury retirement home in kolkata for senior citizens

Give the senior citizens the climate of tranquility, security, tranquility, and most profound sense of being towards the evening of their lives within the climate of a resort, combining most present day world- course civilities and the goodness of antiquated Indian conventional shrewdness and culture.

Medical care for luxury retirement homes in kolkata

Old age could be a touchy stage; elderly individuals require care and consolation to lead a sound life without stresses and uneasiness. Need of mindfulness with respect to the changing behavioral designs in elderly individuals at domestic takes after numbness by family individuals. It is accepted there are over 80 million more seasoned people in India.As age advances, different restorative issues happen, a few of the specific known illnesses ordinarily are blood weight, diabetes, heart disappointment issues, joint pain, cancer danger, joint torments, tuberculosis, as well as kidney diseases.

Nursing care for luxury retirement homes in kolkata

Senior citizens crave a life with great wellbeing, respect, financial autonomy and at last a tranquil passing. They long for care, adore and warmth. Understanding their needs and concerns, will guarantee their great wellbeing. Loaning enthusiastic back to the senior citizens keeps them jolly, which is unavoidably the perfect way to live a sound life.

Doctor services for luxury retirement homes in kolkata

Nursing Care could be a exceptionally critical perspective of Senior Living Communities. They play an unavoidable part of being an emotional support for Seniors which they require the foremost as they Age. Vardaan senior Living includes a CGHS affirmed healing center in premises with 28 specialists of diverse specialties serving the community. 24*7 nursing care for the elderly with any help required by the seniors.

Ambulance services for luxury retirement home in kolkata

24*7 Progressed Life Back Rescue vehicle for any therapeutic crisis is at the entryway. At Vardaan Senior Living, all the therapeutic needs for the elderly care have been catered. We flourish towards the leading conceivable benefit for restorative care.

Health Care Assistance for luxury retirement homes in kolkata

From schedule checkups, uncommon treatments to wellbeing checking, we beware of wellbeing of all our inhabitants and give them convenient checkups.

Healthy Food fore luxury retirement homes in kolkata

Advanced kitchen, experienced cooks, and nourishment arranged beneath perception of nutritionist. Nutritious nourishment is ready utilizing natural nourishment items. Diabetic inhabitants are well taken care.

We offer five star extravagance living office and helped living to the seniors so that they can appreciate rest of their lives like never some time recently. No matter you were living alone and your NRI children need to move you to Mathews Domestic for superior care otherwise you are a resigned person, we have everything to offer you that bring consolation and fulfillment to your lives.

Additional Facilities:


We set ourselves a mission to get it and react to the requirements and wants of Seniors through a culminate mix of way of life & lifecare offerings that convey a comprehensive & consistent encounter for Seniors.


Our vision is to be a most critical, and a trusted brand for seniors to create their life of hassle-free, where life can be went through autonomously, agreeably and in companionship of companions, a life full of exercises, getting a charge out of most profound sense of being, suppers of your choice, sitting in gardens. Our point is to make strides and improve the quality of life for seniors so that they can age with ease.

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