Old age home in kolkata for female

old age home in Kolkata for female You know, getting older isn’t easy for anyone. But for women, especially in India, aging can bring a unique set of challenges. Many women outlive their spouses and are left without family support in their later years. Some face abuse and neglect from relatives. Others simply have nowhere else to go. old age home in kolkata for female

That’s why places like shibasram Old Age Home in Kolkata are so important. For over 25 years, Sharada has provided a safe, supportive community for elderly women in need of care and shelter. Run by the nonprofit All Bengal Women’s Union, Sharada gives 40 women a place to call home along with medical care, meals, and activities to keep residents healthy, happy, and connected to one another. old age home in kolkata for female

old age home in kolkata for female

If you’re looking for a cause worth supporting, Sharada Old Age Home deserves your consideration. The women who live there have endured so much in their lives, yet continue to show resilience, compassion, and joy. Spending time with them will inspire you in ways you never imagined.

Options for Elderly Women in Kolkata: Living Independently or in an Old Age Home

As an elderly woman living alone in Kolkata, you have a couple options for housing and care. You could continue living independently in your own home with some assistance, or move into an old age home.

  • Living independently: This allows you to maintain your freedom and familiar surroundings. You’ll want help with chores like cleaning, laundry and errands. Look into hiring a caretaker or maid, or ask family and friends for help a few times a week. Meal delivery services can provide nutritious meals. And medical alert systems offer emergency response.

  • Old age homes: Also known as senior living communities or nursing homes, these provide varying levels of care and assistance. Some offer independent living with minimal help, while others provide assisted living with help for daily activities like bathing and dressing. Nursing homes offer full-time medical care.

Old age homes in Kolkata cater specifically to women, with cultural activities, nutritious Indian cuisine and female staff. Some well-reviewed homes include:

• old age home in kolkata for female: Offers dorms and private rooms, meals, medical care and recreational activities. Staff help with daily needs and provide housekeeping.

• old age home in kolkata for female: Has spacious rooms, lifts, ramps and medical facilities. Cultural programs, yoga and celebrations of festivals keep residents socially engaged. Qualified nurses and doctors provide round-the-clock care.

• Matri Sudha: Features dorms, private and sharing rooms in a homely atmosphere. Nutritious Bengali meals, medical checkups and staff assistance with daily activities. Recreational and cultural activities combat isolation and boredom.

An old age home can provide security, care and companionship for elderly women in Kolkata. Choose a place that meets your needs for privacy, independence, and health care. A nurturing community and familiar cultural surroundings will help you live comfortably and happily in your golden years.

What to Consider When Choosing an Old Age Home

Choosing an old age home for your loved one is an important decision. There are a few key things to keep in mind:

First, location matters. Look for a home near family and friends so they can visit often. Your loved one will appreciate the company and support. It’s also good if the area is familiar to them.

Next, check the amenities and services offered. Look for things like regular medical checkups, emergency care, recreational activities and nutritious meals. The more comprehensive the care, the better. Some homes also offer specialized dementia or Alzheimer’s care if needed.

Of course, cost is a factor for most families. In Kolkata, fees can range from 25,000 to over 100,000 rupees per month depending on the level of services and amenities. Be sure to understand all fees and available payment options before making a selection.

You’ll also want to visit a few homes in person. Notice how residents interact with staff and each other. Check if the place is clean, secure and homely. Chat with residents and staff to get their input. A good old age home should have a positive, caring environment. old age home in kolkata for female

Finally, look into the home’s credentials and licensing. They should be properly registered and have trained staff and caregivers. Don’t hesitate to ask about credentials, experience, staff-to-resident ratios and their approach to senior care.

The ideal old age home provides safety, community and round-the-clock support for your loved one. Do your research, trust your instincts and you’ll find a place where they will feel happy, healthy and at peace in their golden years.

Top Old Age Homes for Women in Kolkata

Home for Aged Women

This old age home provides shelter and care for aged women who have been abandoned or do not have family support. Located in South Kolkata, it has been operational since 2013 and can accommodate up to 80 residents. The home provides basic amenities like food, clothing, and medical facilities free of cost. old age home in kolkata for female

Old age home in kolkata for female

The residents are provided free lodging, food, clothing, and medical care. The home aims to provide the women a secure place to live out the rest of their lives with dignity. old age home in kolkata for female

Old age home in kolkata for female

These homes aim to provide aged women who have been neglected and have no means of support a place they can call home. By taking care of their daily needs and giving them opportunities for social interactions, these homes hope to make the residents’ twilight years safe, secure and meaningful.

Amenities and Facilities Offered at Leading Old Age Homes

Old age homes catering specifically to women aim to provide a safe, caring, and supportive environment in their later years. Many leading facilities in Kolkata offer top-notch amenities and personal care services to enhance residents’ well-being and quality of life.

Health and Medical Services

On-site nurses and doctors provide routine checkups, monitor health issues, and administer medications as prescribed. Emergency care and ambulance services ensure prompt medical attention when needed. Physiotherapy and yoga classes help women stay active and mobile.

Nutritious Meals

Home-cooked vegetarian meals, snacks, and special diets are prepared daily by experienced cooks. Mealtimes provide an opportunity for social interaction and community.

Recreational Activities

Engaging recreational activities combat boredom and isolation. Options like gardening, handicrafts, singing, and festival celebrations give women opportunities to pursue hobbies and make new friends. Regular outings to local parks, temples, and events allow residents to stay connected to the outside world. old age home in kolkata for female

Housekeeping and Laundry

Daily housekeeping, linen changes, and laundry services handle chores so women can enjoy their time worry-free. Staff also assist with bathing, dressing, and personal grooming for those needing extra care. old age home in kolkata for female

24-Hour Security

Round-the-clock security guards monitor the premises and escort residents when leaving the facility. CCTV cameras and intercom systems provide an added layer of protection.

By providing compassionate care and a safe community environment specifically tailored to women’s needs, these homes aim to enrich the lives of residents in their golden years. The amenities and personal services offered give families peace of mind knowing their loved ones will be well looked after. old age home in kolkata for female

Stories From Residents: Hear From the Women Themselves

The stories of the residents themselves provide insight into life in the old age homes. Hearing their experiences in their own words helps us understand what they’ve been through and how they came to call the old age home their new home.

Finding Refuge

Many of the women came to the old age homes to escape difficult circumstances, like Shanta. “My husband passed away 15 years ago. I was living with my son and daughter-in-law but there were constant quarrels. I couldn’t take it anymore so I came here. I found peace at last,” she says. For some, the old age homes offer shelter and community they lack elsewhere.

Forming New Bonds

While some residents miss their families, many have formed close friendships with other residents and staff. “We laugh together, cry together, celebrate festivals together. We have become each other’s families,” says Kamala. The staff also provides compassion and care. “The didis here treat us like their own mothers. I feel loved and cared for,” Radha explains.

Gaining Independence

Some women relish the opportunity to live independently on their own terms. “I enjoy the freedom here. I can wake up and sleep whenever I want. I can watch TV and read without disturbance. I feel in control of my own life again,” says Shobha. The homes provide autonomy some lacked while living with family. old age home in kolkata for female

The stories of the residents reveal the old age homes offer more than just shelter. They provide refuge, community, care, and independence. While family remains important, the homes become a haven and the staff and other residents transform into a new kind of family. The residents’ own words give us a glimpse into their lives and the value these homes hold for them in their twilight years. old age home in kolkata for female


You’re never too old to have hopes and dreams. The inspiring women at the old age homes give you hope that life can be fulfilling at any age. While their families may have abandoned them, they found a new family and community. They teach us that true happiness comes from within, not from what society expects of us. So make the most of each day, love freely, pursue your passions, and embrace the simple moments of joy. You have so much life left to live. Let these wise women be an example to us all that age is just a number, and there are still adventures to be had. old age home in kolkata for female

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