paid old age home in kolkata

One of the best paid old age homes in Kolkata is the old age home, which provides specialized care to patients suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in a comfortable environment. A list of senior homes in Kolkata, where senior citizens live in luxury, has all the luxuries needed to rethink the concept of a retirement community for seniors in Kolkata.

paid old age home in kolkata


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  1. Excellent shelter with a cozy atmosphere
    accommodation and food.
  2. Specialized Division for Patients with Dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  3. Extra attention for Parkinson’s disease patients.
  4. physical activity as well as pranayam.
    routine physical examinations and advice from reputable, qualified medical professionals.
  5. Frequent meditation and bhajan sessions. a well-stocked library containing a variety of books.
  6. Special accommodations for a husband and wife or brother and sister
    A special hospital for people who are bedriddenA day-boarding establishment.
  7. Annual excursion for the border’s round-the-clock ambulance services.

Paid old age home in kolkata

Our commitment to show utmost respect and affection to our parents and elders is reflected in our society, culture and history. This old soul blessing is said to be the pinnacle of prosperity and good luck. Why do we nowadays choose to leave children alone at this point in their lives? Shibasram undertakes to nurture our elderly residents with utmost warmth and compassion and to provide them with the best possible care so that they can lead comfortable, independent lives filled with love and joy above all else.

The Next Best Place To Home

Caring for our elders seems to be a moral duty for many individuals. We feel it is our responsibility to care for our seniors, treat them with respect and provide the best care possible.

We are There for You, Every Step of the Way

Everyone has the right to lead a life that is both healthy and dignified; It is not a requirement. We work hard to provide a life of independence and care to every senior who chooses it, but sadly, many of them are trapped in toxic and uncaring home situations.

Experience the finest options of senior care living with us!

Seniors who are in great company and have strong relationships thrive. Seniors depend on others for company most of the time. At the Ashram, we strive to reduce your isolation, fear and loneliness to increase your emotional well-being. Physical activity helps older people maintain their balance, coordination and muscle mass as they age. Walking and engaging in light activity can help improve respiratory and cardiovascular health by reducing muscle spasms and stiffness.


Happy aging is our agenda and we strive to establish spiritual as well as healthy living conditions for the underprivileged senior citizens of our society. Apart from providing high-quality medical and nursing assistance, we seek to fulfil the emotional and spiritual needs of the elderly with equal dedication. Old age should be seen as the golden age, the remaining years of peaceful and soulful recreation of the mind and heart after leading a tiring life full of responsibilities.

Active aging is not only about proper medical care, it also comes with a healthy psychological approach, with the awareness to improve the quality of senior living. Emotional support, development of inner peace, and spiritual assessment may help the elderly to cope better with their conditions.


With the best senior care environment at your disposal, including:

  • Rooms furnished with a bed, table, and chair;
  • Well-lit rooms with fans and LED lighting;
  • Free internet and mobile services;
  • Free weekly doctor visits;
  • Emergency ambulance services;
  • Home-cooked meals provided three times a day;
  • Nursing and paramedical care;

Paid old age home in kolkata

Our mission is to become the go-to source for rehabilitation and care for our community’s aging population by providing benefits and services to both independent and dependent seniors.

We provide peace of mind to caregivers, regardless of the state their seniors live in. Our ultimate goal for our residents is still to provide a culture that is safe, secure and focused on service delivery.

Please visit us and talk to us; I am sure you will discover us as the best senior citizen care facility in Mumbai for your loved ones!

Shibasram Paid old age home in kolkata

Our hardworking, genuine, and compassionate staff of caregivers, nurses, physicians, therapists, housekeepers, landlords, and vendors is the reason for our success.

How Independent Living Differs From Assisted Living

At first glance, assisted living and independent living may not seem so different. These are for senior citizens who do not have memory problems or require specialist nursing care. Both aim to promote an active lifestyle among older adults. Furthermore, both often share similar characteristics. Assisted living provides a higher level of care than independent living, which mainly provides living space with amenities and maintenance-free services.

People who live in assisted living facilities sometimes need help with daily activities that are not offered in regular senior care facilities. Medical needs are addressed and help is usually provided by a staff member.

This distinction is important because older people who need support must make sure their community of choice can provide it, but independent retirees don’t want to spend more on care they don’t need. Paid old age home in kolkata


A top old age home/retirement house in Kolkata, List of old age homes in kolkata, is a home away from home for older people.

Finally, the list of old age facilities in Kolkata demonstrates the city’s efforts to care for and assist its senior people. These institutions provide a variety of services, ranging from simple lodging to complete medical treatment and emotional support.

As Kolkata grows and evolves, it is encouraging to witness the city’s dedication to maintaining the well-being and dignity of its older residents list of old age homes in kolkata.

Before making a selection, families and individuals should conduct extensive research and visit these facilities to ensure that the chosen facility meets the unique requirements and preferences of the senior inhabitants list of old age homes in kolkata

Furthermore, society as a whole may contribute to the well-being of the elderly by cultivating a culture of respect, empathy, and inclusion, allowing them to enjoy their lives to the fullest Paid old age home in kolkata

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